The Lottery Drawing

The drawing day will be announced/reminded on our social media. After the lottery is drawn, the prize is distributed among the winning ticket holders according to the prize distribution algorithm mentioned below

Claiming Lottery Winning

If your tickets win, you will be able to claim your prize

Once you have confirmed your claim it will start an unbounding process of these tokens from our pool prize to your wallet. You will only need to do this once, the system will be in charge of unbounding the tokens and sending them to the right address

Since these claims impact the pool size you should do them BEFORE THE NEXT DRAW! Not doing it in time might lock the claim and you won't be able to claim your tokens at all and unclaimed prizes will be added up to the next pool prize.

Every round after each draw we will post a summary of the draw, amount of winners and the total prize on Twitter. Please pay close attention to these channels and visit Vottery dashboard often so you do not miss the period to claim your prize.

How Vottery operates

When the lottery is drawn, a "perfect winning ticket" is randomly generated and updated on the smart contract and then distributed among winning ticket holders.

A ticket is a winning ticket if at least its first two numbers match the first two numbers of the perfect winning ticket in exact sequential order from left to right. Among winning tickets, there are five tiers: 5th prize, bronze, silver, gold, jackpot.

Ticket placement into these tiers is best understood through an example. For this example, say the jackpot winning ticket is 913662.

  • 2 sequential matches (5th prize): any ticket ending with xxxx62.

  • 3 sequential matches (bronze): any ticket ending with xxx662.

  • 4 sequential matches (silver): any ticket ending with xx3662.

  • 5 sequential matches (gold): any ticket ending with x13662.

  • 6 sequential matches (jackpot): any ticket that exactly matches the perfect winning ticket.

Ticket allocation:

Bracket (numbers matched in order)

Token Allocation

First 1 number


First 2 numbers


First 3 numbers


First 4 numbers


First 5 numbers


First 6 numbers


Develop and tx fee


Implementation Details

In the case of multiple delegators holding the same winning ticket, all of the corresponding deposits win equally. This means that if you win with the jackpot ticket, but that the jackpot ticket is also held by one other depositor, each of you will receive 50% of the jackpot payout.


The winning ticket is drawn on smart contract system, following a decentralized, verifiable, and non-predictable process. This allows VChain to deliver a fair lottery without relying on any central party. Nobody, including the team, can predict the winning ticket combination.

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