How To Participate In The Vottery Game


Users can stake any amount of token into VChain, the delegator gets recurring lottery tickets depending on the number of tokens that users have staked (for example,..) Currently, the system is generating these tickets for you automatically, not allowing you to create a specific ticket number, however you still can get your desire ticket number by purchasing on Vottery’s smart contract

Once users have staked into VChain for receiving tickets, they would receive the usual APR/APY (or interest) that accumulates in the account of the user, which is based on the bounded tokens and inflation of the chain.

With this feature, users would have the opportunity to earn high benefits with only a small amount of fee, therefore we highly recommend you to use this way to earn tickets.


In case users want tickets that have their desire set of numbers, they can choose to purchase for tickets on Vottery’s smart contract, there will be fixed price for tickets, listed below:

There is no limit to users sharing the same ticket number. In the case of multiple users holding the same winning ticket, all of the corresponding delegators win equally, unless a jackpot or super-jackpot happens, for these cases, the prize will be distributed among all those winners.

Ticket system

To be eligible for the lottery one must connect the wallet to Vottery using KEPLR, even if you delegated with us before using external wallet explorers. If the wallet is not connected through the VChain app, the system will not recognise your wallet and therefore no tickets will be created for you.

Ticket price is fixed to (stake and purchase) based on the token native of each network and will not change during the entire round. Once a prize has been determined, it will always be possible for you to claim it no matter its current state

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