Step 1: Access to

Click on “Connect wallet" on the top right corner.

Step 2: Choose validator.

There is a list of validators for you to join.

This box include essential information such as:

  1. Token network chain

  2. Total deposit on validator

  3. Validator’s name

Each validator has different pool size, you can choose the most suitable for you, once you have decided, click “Join”.

Step 3: Get tickets

You can get tickets in 2 ways

3.1 Stake

Click “Get tickets" and enter the amount of token you want to stake then “Stake”.

Depending on how much you have stakes, the system will give you a number of tickets.

I.e: You stake 176.1324 orai and receive 260 tickets, the starting number (chosen randomly) is 000001, therefore you possess every ticket numbers between 000001 and 000261.

Note: You can stake at previous round of Vottery or, total amount will be counted for the number of tickets you receive.

The number of tickets available will be renewed after every round, therefore if you want to continue, you need to re-claim your tickets.

3.2 Buy

In case you want to have individual tickets, you can choose to buy them.

Click (1) if you want a randomly generated ticket numbers or

You can enter your own ticket number at (2).

Then “Buy" all of your purchased tickets.

You can check the set of ticket numbers and/or individual tickets you have at “Your ticket”.

Step 4: Claim rewards.

In the case that you possess winning ticket, you can claim your rewards.

You can choose to claim all of your prize or claim only one ticket/set of ticket.

There will be “Claim deadline" for every round, please claim your rewards before this day, otherwise your prize will be added to the next pool prize and you will not be able to receive rewards anymore.

You are able to see if your tickets have won and claimed/unclaimed the previous round when you click “Check your reward” at “Dashboard”.

But these tickets will not be available for claiming.

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